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We're really excited to confirm the release of the new Conformist album "Lifestyle Revised" on 15/06/18.  The 8 track record will feature exclusive remixes by Man Without Country, Kayla Painter, Odonis Odonis, Mark Pistel (ex of Consolidated & Meat Beat Manifesto),  Location Baked and HORSES along with two brand-new contributions from Conformist.




1 - Trust Exercises (Man Without Country Remix)

2 - Rock N' Roll Dead Man (Conformist Revision)

3 - Komputer Jenerated (Mark Pistel Remix)

4 - Harm Hides At Home (Kayla Painter Remix)

5 - Life! Death! Prizes! (Conformist Revision)

6 - A Snake Eating Its Own Tail (Location Baked Reboot)

7 - Art Colony (Odonis Odonis Remix)

8 - Nothing Important Happened Today (HORSES Remix)


The album will be released on Consumer Consumer Records as streaming and download only. Check below for a sneak preview.


c/o BeastPR